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Since 1999, I  have worked closely with +450 business leaders in their efforts to expand the understanding of themselves and who they are, and the people they lead.

I thrive on the coaching conversations! They take me out of myself and into being a leader. I recommend coaching with Tine to anyone with the courage and curiosity to confront themselves and their leadership style.
— Simon Daman Willems, Shell, MD, UK/NL, Exploration & Production

My Approach

Executive Coaching - confidential, 1-1

As an Economist I have a structured and no-nonsense approach to what I do. I have a well-developed intution and my goal is that you leave our sessions with more knowledge compared to when you arrived. We will always step out of your comfortzone and what you know already. This is how you gain new knowledge about yourself, your behavior and impact.

You can choose to work with me for a 12 months period, or longer. Occasionally, we work ad-hoc. Let us talk about your needs and how to address them. The Format, we design together. For example, we can:

  • Meet one-to-one, either here or at your place

  • Do Shadow coaching - in which I follow you through a couple of critical meetings and arm you with feedback before and after

  • Walk outdoors - with an open agenda and free up to a different kind of conversation on what is occupying your mind

  • Choose a structured stakeholder process, in which your most critical stakeholders are invited for feedback.

Many of my clients view their executive coaching as a sacred, and occasionally also a secret, place in which they find the time to reflect deeper and get in touch with whatever is going on under the surface. Only when accessing these often hidden layers, you'll find new answers, energy. It is also an opportunity to unveil your blind spots and bring them into the light - in order to be ready to take new action.

This approach is one of the most up-to-date approaches to executive coaching.

Leadership Team Coaching

You want to change things on your team. You just don’t quite know how to. After clarifying what you really want and how that journey could look like for you and the team, we design the process that will lead you there.

The 3 phases of the Project.

The 3 phases of the Project.

The Journey

The Journey is an open and structured process with a clear goal of creating a high-performing management team. We use Training, Observations and Coaching of indivduals and the Team. Below is an example of a 6 month Journey taking the management team to their next level: