Leadership starts from within. The coaching was built on my natural logic mind, my history and my visions of the future. Amongst other things I have developed a more empowering and effective way to handle challenging situations.
— Frida Norrbom Sams, (S), senior executive, board member, Beijer Ref AB, Ballingslöv International AB

It is all about people and communication...

My clients are high-impact senior executives and leadership teams from global corporations in Denmark and Europe. They work in large, complex international organisations or head innovative and demanding teams facing a local and global market. They recognize that leadership in the 21st century is all about people and communication.

They thrive at being challenged in their thinking and language. They are committed to growing their intuition as they grow their business. They demand to be inspired, energized and touched by our collaboration.

Most importantly, they have the courage to be pioneers in their respective fields and share a common aspiration to bring their leadership to a new level of awareness, skills and impact.



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I have coached leaders in a number of large organisations, like Maersk, Carlsberg, Nestlé, SONY, Shell, Deloitte, The European Central Bank, The European Investment Bank, Velux, Siemens, Nordea Bank, Bro. Hartmann, BP, Ericsson, Diageo, IBM, PWC and many others. Many of them like to stay anonymous, so ask for references when needed.