You will walk away with

  • An outline of your key stakeholders, key business issues, core leadership- and communications challenges - as well as tools to approaching these issues in new ways.
  • An overview of your core values, how they guide you, and how they challenge you in your leadership role and in your ambitions.
  • A map of your strenghts, how they serve you, as well as how you unconsciously overuse your strenghts because you are partly blinded to their impact on others.
  • A plan for how to stay present - also when you are under pressure. This permits you to tap into your intuition benefitting from the potential in the situation.
  • An identification of your leadership path ahead and how it should develop in order to grow your team, your organisation and your business. This path is based on your highest goals and your purpose as a leader and human being.
  • A time/energy balance sheet, knowing how to make a better use of the time at hand with a higher quality and with less energy.
It is an incredibly powerful asset to have a strong analytical and empathetic coach sailing along when the waters in leadership get rough. Growth simply gets speeded up!
— Ariane Grundmann, Beiersdorf, Nordic Marketing Director, Germany