Tine Gaihede, M.Sc (Econ.), M.A., Executive Coach

Tine Gaihede, M.Sc (Econ.), M.A., Executive Coach

Tine knows more than most about what leadership really is, and how you work with yourself and your organisation to manage a chaotic world.
— Henrik Carøe Gjellebøl, WindowMaster A/S, Business Manager

My ambition is to help you know yourself better in order to have a more powerful impact. That is how you grow your business. For more than a decade I have inspired leaders to a deeper awareness of their identity, impact, their authority, and their ability to create and sustain powerful relationships. This is fundamental to creating motivation, energy and momentum - serving people and organisations to grow.

My passion is growing businesses by calling forth individuals to their greatest potential as leaders and human beings: Through powerful one-to-one coaching partnerships, I challenge you to experience your own natural authority and understand the impact you have when you meet yourself at a deeper level. Leading from this place - instead of being trapped in trying to control circumstances - transforms individual and team performance.

My perspective combines the detail-oriented focus required for everyday productivity and the expansive vision that is necessary to be a player in the global arena. I help you uncover the trends of tomorrow, see the things you did not see yesterday, and translate that into the business context for today.

I build bridges between business and psychology.

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