Executive Coaching for High-Impact Global Leaders

  • Are you a global leader in a European context – serving a local, regional or global market?
  • Are you expected to deliver results while the organization is undergoing fundamental changes at the same time?
  • Are you ready to take a next step in your leadership and your career, and would like to be challenged in HOW TO… and where to begin this journey?!

If you can say YES to one or more of these points, executive coaching with me might be your pathway in setting a new agenda – on the job and in your life. And accelerate your development and your performance.

I have worked with leaders from a dozen of European countries. No matter their origin, I am struck by the similarity of challenges they face: How large corporations face the current economic climate in Europe and how they respond in an increasingly competitive market. The most successful leaders and businesses I meet are those who understand to combine a sharp analytical approach with personal intuition and authenticity. And courage and boldness to take calculated risks. All successful change starts from within.

Executive coaching can be the tool and the reflective practice that inspires you to take the road of least resistance, and create a high performing team.

Next step


I am based in Copenhagen and can reach most European cities in a couple of hours. From experience I know how important it is, that the person you confide in, is not your everyday neighbour.

Send me an email and describe briefly what your situation is and I will get in touch.

After an initial conversation over the phone I will send you a business proposal, which can involve anything from on-site sessions to telephone calls according to your aspirations and wants. All enquiries and conversations are confidential.


Coaching us as a leadership team and as individuals helped myself and my team to better recognize our strengths and areas for development. We have grown a lot since we started the coaching process. It has also given us the confidence to better deal with our future challenges.
— Arjan van Dijk (NL), Shell, General Manager, Shell Site Fredericia